About me


Helena is a life changing facilitator of the work, she introduced me to the work over 4 years ago and my life has transformed beyond recognition using this simple and yet highly effective method. She is intuitive to where you are at and holds the space safely for you to go deep and discover your blind spots. Annabelle N.

I found The Work of Byron Katie in 2004 and it changed my life. It gave me a way to cut through states of considerable confusion, depression and anxiety. Over the years since, it has enabled me to hold myself and others through crisis, illness, the death of close family members and to find a simpler, easier way to be in life. 

I find The Work undoes my thinking, layer by layer. It strips off confusion and anxiety. As a result, so far, some 15 years later, I notice I am quieter and calmer, gentler and kinder. Just saner. And happier, much happier. And more playful. More able to just show up as I am, being whatever that happens to be. Life flows much more; there seems to be more space in my head. I am far less critical of others – and that’s quite something – I was quite the faultfinder!

It’s funny, even after 15 years, I am still surprised by the experience of doing The Work with myself or others – the sheer power of this process amazes and delights me. It just works, when our minds genuinely open to the questions.

I love to do The Work with others, love travelling with someone into their world with these questions, giving them the space to find their way to their truth. It’s a genuine privilege. I gain so much from this sharing. The more I do this, the more I appreciate that we are not separate beings, but just one, one mind, one heart discovering how to melt the veils of separation from between each other and within ourselves. Ending war. Ending internal conflict. Each “walking the other home” – as Ram Dass said.