Inquiry Sessions

Helena, I wanted to let you know – I just met up with my ex-boyfriend. He started to talk about his feelings about women, opinions that I remembered him having when we were going out. I used to get very frustrated and defensive and wanted to interrupt him and oppose what he was saying but this time I realised that not only did I feel more relaxed when he was talking but I actually agreed and empathised with parts of what he thought. Later he gave me advice about my career. Before, I’d feel annoyed and rebellious when he talked about my career but this time I really wanted to listen and found what he said to be really useful, positive advice, and started to ask him more questions that I thought he could help me with, which he happily did. It was really nice to see this change which is as a result of doing the work regularly with you. Megan G

 One to one sessions

You are very welcome to contact me to discuss what you are looking for and to see if the process of The Work can help you – and to see if I am the right person to support you. It’s important to feel comfortable with someone you work with. 

The Work is designed to be done as self-inquiry too – and sometimes all that is needed is to have some experience of doing it with someone, so that one can learn how to do it for oneself.

It is also very valuable to do The Work with a facilitator – I still love to do this myself. Sometimes it is much easier to go deeper and really look inside when being held by another asking the questions. And sometimes it can feel important to have someone hold us when the issue we are looking at is very confusing and painful.



I offer one to one sessions by phone or Skype or Zoom (an online platform like Skype). 

Sessions  One session £60. Three sessions booked and paid for together, £165.

Contact me at [email protected]