Privacy Notice

Confidentiality and privacy are integral to my practice. I am very aware of the sensitive and deeply personal nature of what is shared in sessions, so I only gather and keep the information I need to do a good job and to fulfil my responsibilities to my clients.

During sessions, I make handwritten notes, so I can keep track of how the process is unfolding. My notes only contain my client’s name and the date of the session; I do not record or keep other personal data such as home addresses. For insurance purposes, I am obliged to keep my notes for seven years. After that, I destroy them.

If at any time you would like a copy of your session notes, please ask. Likewise, I am always happy for you to record your session if you would like to do that.

I would never divulge any of your personal information unless you (or someone else) were at serious risk of immediate harm. In that instance, I have a mandatory duty to report my concerns to the relevant organisations.

I don’t send out email newsletters, neither do I maintain any sort of email list. In other words, I don’t use your email address for anything other than our correspondence.

This WordPress site uses a limited number of functionality cookies which do not collect your data; the Facebook ‘Like’ buttons connect to Facebook, of course. View their Privacy Policy here:

I don’t use Google Analytics or any other tracking software.

I will review this notice at the end of 2019. If you have any concerns or questions about my approach to privacy or the confidentiality of your information, feel free to ask.