Who is Byron Katie?







Katie is an American woman, now in her early 70’s, who had an “awakening” experience at 43. During this experience she realized that all her thoughts were simply untrue. The questions of The Work came to her in that state of clarity. Since then she has shared this simple, radical process of questioning thoughts with hundreds of thousands of people around the world who have discovered how profoundly effective these questions are, to help them find peace of mind.

She is the author of several books…….in particular I recommend these 3:









Loving What Is    This is the key text for how to do The Work…..filled with helpful guidance on each stage of inquiry and many helpful, fascinating transcripts of Katie doing The Work with people on all kinds of problems. And also available as audio – perfect for long car journeys…..







I Need Your Love    An straightforward and very illuminating examination of how we get caught up into seeking love, approval and appreciation – and the suffering this  behaviour causes – and how to inquire into the thoughts that draw us into that seeking. With an indispensable section on how to communicate clearly, honestly and lovingly with others.







A Thousand Names for Joy    This is my personal favorite. Katie’s husband, Stephen Mitchell, interviewed Katie as together they travelled through a reading of his translation of the Chinese classic, the Tao Te Ching by Lao-tzu. As he read each one of its 81 chapters, she commented and he noted her responses. Those responses became this book. It’s a delight, profound – yet matter of fact, funny and utterly fascinating.  A glimpse of the experience of everyday life through Katie’s eyes and a way to absorb the natural philosophy that arises from her clear perception of reality. It includes Katie’s account of her awakening. Again, available as audio, read by Katie herself.

A very good way to experience Katie directly – other than in a live workshop with her – is to visit thework.com and youtube.com and watch videos of her at events working with people.

Her books can be found in the store at thework.com through this link. And also online and offline – check your favourite bookstore.